TABSCON XVII – December 6, 2008

TADA ran two scenarios this Saturday at the Toronto Area Boardgaming Society‘s 17th TABSON.  Having produced a large number of very tiny heaps of smoking metal wreckage, we’ve decided it was a rousing success.

In the morning, Richard Branson led a crack team of Guns of Brixton road warriors (London Calling and Brand New Cadillac) on a sabotage mission against Kaini Industries‘ fortified manufacturing plant.  They faced fierce resistance from Kaini’s Dandelions, brand new automated pillboxes armoured with metal plate and armed with flamethrowers.  However, Bransons’ bravery, skill and high-tech gadgetry won the day and, despite the late appearance of Kaini car Bocuma, the Guns destroyed their target and escaped to safety.

In the afternoon, the warriors of Los Jinettes della Nocce (Nuclear Dan, The Big Chill, Cap’n Ahab, Mack the Knife, and Crazy Ivan) aided by the Canadian Communist Front‘s Ford Exploder, made a frantic attempt to retreive their mercenary intelligence agent, Jimmy the Snitch, from the grip of the Fuzz.  The Snitch was held captive aboard Patty Wagon, the Fuzz’s brand new prisoner transport vehicle, and was being escorted by The Pope and Miss Demeanor across several miles of four-lane highway.  Despite their valliant efforts and the destruction of both escort vehicles, the Jinettes managed only to blow open Patty Wagon’s rear doors before the bus was skillfully pilotted too far and fast down the highway to be pursued.  Photos follow (Thanks Steve!).










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