Car Wars related

Car Wars Chronology – Part 1 the 1980’s (from Board Game Geek):

Other Autoduelling Clubs and Sites

Michael Owen of SWAT (Seattle Washington Autoduel Team) has compiled a truly encyclopedic list of members of the World Autoduelling Association.

Many of these clubs have produced downloadable playing aids, and many feature useful discussions of rule variants, clarifications of the various editions of SJ’s Car Wars, as well as textual and photographic reports of recent duelling activities.

WADA Highlights… The New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) pages contain especially detailed and meticulous supplements and catalogs of new and exotic Car Wars items.

Among the various supplements created by NOVA are Car Wars rules for Mech-type walker vehicles! The Nova Works catalog is also wonderful:

The St. Paul Area Road Knights (SPARK) have counters and play aids available for download, including turn keys at multiple scales:

A Nice 15mm Zombie-Apocalypse city-scape by Mongo of Mongo’s Wafflehouse:


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