Burst effect damage and cover

The rules in the book state that a pedestrian under cover suffers no burst effect damage.  Is this a bad rule?  Two possibilities:

1) The burst effect, like the area effect, is intended to be a minor side-effect, and is only useful against pedestrians standing stupidly out in the open (as area effect is useful against pedestrians standing stupidly close together).  Any pedestrian with plausible cover or in a vehicle (open topped included) is not affected by burst effects.

2) Burst effect damage does affect peds under cover, but is reduced by cover.  Essentially, the amount of to hit penalty provided by the cover will be subtracted from burst effect damage (with a minimum of 1 pt. damage).  A pedestrian in a ring mount rated at -5 to hit total will subtract 2 from any burst effect damage rolls.  For gun shields, the rule is different: the gun operator is considered to be completely protected from the burst effect, but only if the epicentre of the burst is inside his arc of fire (i.e. the gunshield is between him and the blast).


2 Responses to “Burst effect damage and cover”

  1. I was thinking about this today and I’m leaning towards a third option: that pedestrians with partial cover are protected from damage some of the time, like when they are wearing a flak jacket, when they are shot at behind a gun shield, or when a wheel is shot at behind an armoured hub.

    I would recommend:
    – Pedestrians with an extra -1 to be hit (such as those standing in the back of a pickup) are protected on a roll of 1-2 on 1d.
    – Pedestrians with an extra -2 to be hit (such as those using ring mounts, open mounts, and AA mounts) are protected on a roll of 1-4 on 1d.
    – This possible negation of damage would be in addition to others (such as flak jackets)
    – I agree that a gun shield should make the gunner immune to bursts within its arc of fire.

  2. richardbranson Says:

    AND – those pedestrians with an extra -3 to hit (due, acc. to the CWC, to 80-100% hard cover) are automatically protected. This would nicely round out and fit with the original rules.

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