Crash Table 1 rule variants

In the the original CWC, the skids were arranged cumulatively; i.e., if you do a minor skid, you automatically do a trivial skid on the next phase, while if you do a severe skid, you do major, minor and trivial skids in the next three phases.  The new edition CWC changes this; the minor skid is not cumulative (i.e. does not lead to a trivial skid) and the major and severe lead to only one more phase of skidding (respectively a trivial and minor skid).

I surmise this rule change was introduced for one of two reasons

(1) Playability: to remember the original direction of movement (i.e. skid direction) for as many as four phases likely seemed a bit unmanageable, given that the direction the car counter would be facing in would be different

(2) Game dynamics: to make skids less severe overall

I would argue that using the skid card play aids, we can eliminate the negative aspects of (1).  Furthermore, in my opinion, (2) is not actually a good change in game dynamics.  Skids should be really bad and spectacular!!  However, if a roadmaster wanted to play according to the CWCII rules, they could easily use the cards, and just skip one of the steps, to a maximum of a two-phase skid.


2 Responses to “Crash Table 1 rule variants”

  1. The Thing Says:

    Given my all-consuming desire to rule in favour of more crashes (I’m still plagued at night by that time I ruled against a collision between Ivan and Demeanor), this sounds good to me.

  2. richardbranson Says:

    And can’t we imagine a little 1:64 Ivan, emerging from his car, disappointed, and reading to his Roadmaster from Sophocles:

    “And who can wonder that in such dire woes
    Thou mournest doubly, bearing twofold ills?
    And freed me from the doom of death,
    And saved me – thankless boon!
    Ah had I died but then,
    Nor to me friends nor me had been such woe”


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