Fixed-Facing Weapon Mounts

The majority of TADA vehicles feature fixed-facing mounted weapons and there has been much discussion about how these should be treated.

Option 1) Basic Car Wars fixed-facing mount rules: Front and Back mounts have a 60 degree traverse.  Side mounts have a 120 degree traverse.  (What’s the arc for top mounts?)

Option 2) Straight-Line mount house rules: Fixed weapons fire in a straight line only.  However, any target that passes through this line in the course of the phase in which the weapon is fired (either because it is moving at an angle to the firer, or because the firer performed a maneuver in that phase) may be fired upon.

Option 3) Chassis and Crossbow fixed frame weapons: As 2 above, but with a -4 to hit, as if on automatic.

Option 4) Lockdown: As 2 above, but with a +1 to hit.  Cannot target specific parts (tires, turrets, etc…)

Which of these are available?  Do they have different costs?  Weights?  Space requirements?


2 Responses to “Fixed-Facing Weapon Mounts”

  1. I like option 4, but I think option 1 should be available too. The only question for me is whether option 4 should give you a discount, or option 1 should cost extra (in terms of money, weight, and/or spaces).

    Given that both turrets and sponsons do internal spaces the same way (max 2), it seems to me swivels should be similar.

    Sponsons cost 75% and weigh 50% of regular turrets (for 50% traverse), so why shouldn’t swivel mounts cost 75% and weigh 50% of sponsons? (60 or 120 degree arcs give an average of 90 degrees which is 50% of sponson traverse)


    Swivel Mount – 1 Space: $500, 50 lb., 0 spc
    Swivel Mount – 2 Space: $850, 75 lb., 0 spc
    Swivel Mount – 3 Space: $1400, 100 lb., -1 spc
    Swivel Mount – 4 Space: $2000, 150 lb., -2 spc

  2. richardbranson Says:

    I like this rule and the prices are right. Of course, with a swivel mount you can still lock it down, yeah?

    I think fixed-frame (and locked down) weapons should have no up-down traverse at all…. But to say you can never hit spec. targets with fixed weapons is too much. I think top mounted fixed/locked weapons can hit turrets and turret level spec. targets, while front-back-side fixed/locked weapons can target tires, wheelguards, and other such like targets (eg a side-mounted EWP)


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