Maneuvering and Shooting

Should maneuvering impose a penalty on firing in the same phase?  Should it be possible at all?  For the driver?  For a gunner?

Note that this has serious implications for the Fixed-Facing Mounted Weapons debate.

Also, to further complicate things, check out the “Motion Compensator” accessory.  Where is that rule from?!


6 Responses to “Maneuvering and Shooting”

  1. The Thing Says:

    I like the idea of a penalty for maneuvering and shooting in the same phase (for both drivers and gunners), and a straight difficulty-for-penalty equivalence seems good.

    I think this works well with the lock-down version of fixed-facing mounted weapons. Check it out:

    A +1 bonus for lock-down with a -1 penalty for a D1 maneuver means you’re firing at your base roll with a 15 degree arc to either side, 30 degrees total (1/2 the standard arc). Now, you’d lose a point of current HC and side-mounted weapons wouldn’t as good as standard, but you would get +1 on anyone who passes in front of you.

    The standard Car Wars fixed mounts (60/120) would still be preferable, which is why I think they ought to cost (or lock-down ought to give a discount).

  2. The Thing Says:

    I’d also like to experiment with not letting drivers shoot and maneuver at the same time, just to see what it’s like. More evasive action. Gunners a big advantage. At least let’s try limiting drivers’ ability to aim non-fixed-mounted weapons while maneuvering. I’m tempted to suggest that you can’t even maneuver in the same turn you aim a turret/sponson/etc.

  3. richardbranson Says:

    Sounds like a good experiment.

    The +1 lock down bonus would nicely compensate for a maneuvering penalty.

    Stay out of the driver’s line of fire, babies!!

  4. diefnbaker Says:

    I think that a +1 to hit for locked-down weapons is enough of a compensation for losing the arc of fire, and it’s much simpler than coming up with new prices and weights for different mounts. Since no TADA cars currently have standard CW mounts with arcs, it would be easy to adapt to this rule change. As for penalties for maneuver while shooting, I like the difficulty = hit penalty since this would minimize the disadvantage of locked-down weapons against weapons with arcs of fire. I would be willing to try no targeting (including of turrets etc.) while maneuvering to see how it would work. I seems that this rule would favour cars with turreted weapons since they won’t need to maneuver to get line of fire on an enemy.

  5. richardbranson Says:

    I agree, and now if we want to build swivel mounts, we can do that too.

    and HAZARDS should also affect the penalties in a similar fashion

  6. richardbranson Says:

    Oh, and re: motion compensators. I think that item originally came in from the Tanks Rules. I think compensators are legit for any and all automated weapon mounting types (swivels, sponsons, turrets, cupolas). They will make the penalty for maneuvering while shooting,
    -1 for D1, D2
    -2 for D3, D4
    -3 for D5, D6
    Of course, a locked-down weapon cannot use motion-stabilizing.

    This item only makes sense if we are going ahead with the penalties for shooting while maneuvering.

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