Jet Engines

Jet Engines can of course be used in wheeled vehicles.  The prices, power factors, etc. are all listed Mon Oncle Al’s Catalogue d’Ell.  A jet engine can function on its own, or ‘add’ its power factors to a vehicle with a standard motor.  If the total resulting power factors are at least double the weight of the vehicle, base acceleration will be 20mph.   If they are at least quadruple the vehicle’s weight, base acceleration will be 25mph.  Note that this may allow a vehicle to exceed 25mph acceleration without needing racing slick tires on the drive wheels.

Example: Motr is the most expensive car in the Red Line racing team, owned and operated by Phil ‘Nuts’ Dunks III, Esq.  It runs a supercharged, turbocharged 400ci gas engine, and also an 8000PF disused Rolls Royce jet engine.  Weighing a sprightly 4115lbs., Motr has 19130 power factors, quadruple its weight, generating a base acceleration of 25mph, +10 for the turbo and supercharger = 35mph (with a top speed of 375mph, natch).


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