non-AFV tracked vehicles

There are a good many omissions in the Car Wars rules; one concerns the important details for building non-AFV non-oversized (i.e. camper van or smaller)  tracked or half-tracked vehicles (there are none I could find for making fully tracked cars or trucks).  Two are addressed here:

1) Top Speed

Due to a lacuna in the Car Wars Tanks rules, it is not clear how acceleration is to be computed for tracked vehicles with car or cycle power plants.  It seems likely that top speed, and not just acceleration, would  be reduced for tracked or half-tracked vehicles calculating their rates according to the car or cycle plant formulas.  An easy fix would be to say that top speed for tracked or half-tracked non-oversized vehicles is halved.

2) Tracked Chassis Weight Limit

Given the rather high price tag and weight of the tracked chassis, it seems another omission from the Car Wars Tanks rules was a boost to weight limits on  non-AFV’s.  A tracked or half-tracked chassis, we might say, is like an extra-extra-heavy chassis, adding 30% to the normal weight limit.  This would apply to cycles, trikes, cars and oversized vehicles –  like a Landmaster, perhaps?  But then I think that counts as fully tracked….


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