Revised indirect fire rules

Indirect fire is one of the more ambiguous and unplayable regions of the CWC basic rules.  In addition, the rules for artillery seem more or less tacked on, just multiplying the given grenade/indirect deviation by 3 (making it really hard to come even close, especially given the -6 to hit base roll for artillery).  I propose the following integrated rule set to deal with all indirect fire.

(direction – as per d8 or direction-arrow die)

hit, but less than 12          1-2 inches
missed by 1            1d6-2 inches
missed by 2             1d6 inches
missed by 3            1d8 inches
missed by 4             2d6 inches
missed by 5            2d8 inches
missed by 6            3d8 inches
missed by 7             6d6 inches
missed by 8 or more        8d6 inches
*Note that thrown grenades, molotovs, etc. will never deviate by more than 12”

If an adjusted to hit roll of 12 or greater is required, exact placement becomes impossible. In this circumstance even a natural 12 will be off target.  A hit roll which missed by 1 or more means the shot may hit interposing hard obstacles in deviated firing line, either bouncing at a complimentary angle to complete the distance of its trajectory (for grenades on a timer) or exploding on contact.  A natural 12 or a hit can be assumed to have flown over any obstacle of reasonable height (according to the Roadmaster’s judgment, following an intuitive parabolic arc). 

 A deviating projectile can never land behind the firer unless it is fired from a sponson mount or other 360° arc weapon (e.g. a turret, thrown grenade, infantry mortar, rotating artillery mount etc.)  If a fixed-frame or swivel-fired projectile would land behind the firer, subtract the distance between the target and the firer from the deviation distance amount; the remaining deviation will be either directly left or right from the firer (roll randomly). 

All other apparently counterintuitive results (e.g. a fixed-frame GL shot deviating sideways) can be said to result from a problem with the firing mechanism.  A botched hit roll (natural 2) automatically lands within 1-2” of the nearest friendly unit, or else directly on top of the firer, if no unit is within the acceptable field of deviation.


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