teleguided artillery shell rules

The current rules for shell fly-time say indirect fire from artillery takes 1 second per 40″, which translates to 120″, 10 feet at 1:60 scale.  This means all shells fired indirectly in our games will land 1 or 2 seconds after firing, which seems unrealistic for a projectile flying up in a high arc.

For the artillery piece I am currently designing for Piece de Resistance, which uses teleguided shells designed to fly way up high and then be guided down by the gunner, I am going to set a fly time, selected by the gunner, of between 8 and 16 seconds.

The gunner can launch one shell per second, but at the point where a teleguided shell reaches the peak of its flight arc (for sake of ease of play, one half of its fly time, rounding up) it needs to be guided actively by the gunner or will suffer a cumulative to hit penalty:

1st turn unguided while shell is falling, -1

2nd turn, -2

3rd turn, -4


Any penalty accrued in this way is added to the running total of to-hit modifiers, as determined normally according to range, target velocity, size, etc.  The to-hit roll is only made at the end of the shell’s fly time.

Teleguided shells can be fired indirectly at the ground, but still need to be guided in the normal way while they are falling.


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