Thermite Grenades Fix

Right now the thermite grenade is basically a dead item; the fact that explosive grenades do the same damage to vehicular targets (1D) in the same range (1.5″) for a quarter of the price means gaining a measly 2/1 fire mod., as well as losing the 6″ pedestrian tire radius, costs $75.  Additionally, for 3/4 of the price (a phosphorus grenade), you lose full damage, but you gain a smoke effect thermites don’t have.  All of this, I surmise, stems from the fact that explosive grenades only did 1/2 damage to vehicles in the original rules.

To amend this, I suggest that thermite grenades, the most expensive of grenades, do a full 1D of damage to all targets within 3″ (=1″ at standard car wars scale).


3 Responses to “Thermite Grenades Fix”

  1. richardbranson Says:

    OR: we make the termite grenade cost the same as a phosphorus grenade; the thermite grenade gets full damage to vehicles but doesn’t get the smoke…..

  2. or explosive grenades DO do 1/2d damage, but to ALL exposed vehicular components on 1 or 2 sides (i.e. one side and both tires on that side, or one tire and both sides to which it belongs). Doing damage to tires indirectly is pretty badass.

  3. richardbranson Says:

    I have adjusted the damage for explosive grenades on my sheets to 1/2D over a 6″ radius. The blast radius of the grenade is like a special case of normal burst 6″ effect; the difference is that it affects tires and vehicles too. All of the protection given against burst effect by cover (including wheelguards, in this case) applies just as with normal burst effect.

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