Tires, High Acceleration, and Burnouts

There is a limit to the capability of wheels driven by a motor to accelerate a vehicle, given wheelspin.  A vehicle with standard tires may attempt to accelerate at more than 15mph (if it has the engine power), but there is a chance it will burn out and only accelerate at 15mph.  Radial tires and racing slicks provide increased acceleration capacity, respectively up to 20mph (radials) and 25mph (racing slicks).  Nitrous Oxide does not prevent burnout from occuring, but rocket and jet acceleration do not contribute to burnouts.  The only surefire way to attain an acceleration of more than 25mph is using rocket boosters or jet engines.

The table for burnouts is as follows:

Amount drivetrain-acceleration Exceeds Tire Limit           roll needed on d6

+5                                                                                  4-6

+10                                                                                 5-6

+15                                                                                   6


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