Tracer Ammo and the Sustained Fire Question

Tracer Ammo is a great item the way we’ve been playing because it gives one or a few cars a sustained fire to hit bonus.   I think the problem with every car having the sustained fire bonus is the extra degree of recordkeeping and margin for error it would introduce (ESPECIALLY if there are alot of pedestrians involved).  Of course the problem with using Tracer Ammo in this way is that it gives tracers a much larger relative to hit advantage vs. normal ammo than they have in the book (it’s only an extra +1 by the book).

As a compromise, I am going to rule in my games that the sustained fire to hit bonus for tracer ammo normally only goes up to +1 UNLESS everyone in the game is getting by-the-book sustained fire bonuses (which might be fine in games where noone is managing more than one or two vehicles).


One Response to “Tracer Ammo and the Sustained Fire Question”

  1. The Thing Says:

    I’ll second that.

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