Tracer Ammo w/ Coax Mounts

I think that if a large-bore weapon is linked coaxially to a small-bore automatic weapon that can fire tracers, the targeter should be able to apply the sustained fire bonus for the tracers (whether it be +1, or up to +3) to the large bore gun linked to it.  Speak now or forever hold yer peace!!



2 Responses to “Tracer Ammo w/ Coax Mounts”

  1. richardbranson Says:

    For support of my position, I quote from Eric Freeman’s interpretation of the holy car wars scriptures, in which he refers to the ADQ:
    When a weapon in a linked set sustains fire, does it keep its bonus when the rest of the link kicks in? Do the other weapons get the bonus? In the same situation, do you get the tracer bonus if only one weapon in the link is firing tracer ammo?

    “Yes, yes, and yes.” (ADQ 9/1)

    It’s most ironic that Car Wars works on the basis of a not-fully-written legal constitution; in this way it is more like the British-Canadian system than the American one.

    God Save the Queen,

    Sir Richard

  2. Works for me.

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