Kaini Industries

S.N.O.O.P.S. Journalism and Surveillance Services, January 23rd, 2052

fee: $40,000 (paid in full)


The new industrial complex that recently appeared in the abandoned wasteland northwest of Toronto appears to be owned, funded and operated by none other than Janna E. Kaini, daughter of the mining magnate Burford Kaini, who died in late 2048 in mysterious circumstances.   One of our veillocopters  managed to send us some shots of the factory complex before being neutralized by automated defenses (see images 0167 and 0126 attached).  Kaini has had built, for purposes that are as yet not entirely clear, a number of highly protected structures in the midst of dozens of square miles of concrete that were laid in furtherance of the Brampton-Mississauga Super-Industry-Plex plan in the early 2010s, before the Economic Crisis and the Asian-Pacific Wars.  The area has also latterly become badly contaminated with nuclear waste from the Pickering and Kincardine Nuclear Plants, and the leftovers of the cleanup operation  after the Darlington meltdown of 2019.  Whether Kaini has purchased the land from the Dominion Executive English Canadian Federal Comptroller, or whether she has assumed squatter’s rights, or some other arrangement, is as yet not entirely clear.  Kaini is extremely secretive and has never responded to any of our publicity agents’ solicitations.


The complex of buildings would appear to constitute some kind of industrial-chemical processing or R&D facility (or both), judging by what appear to be large pipes and conduits connecting the various buildings (see image 0171, attached).  It is surmised that a good deal of the working structures are in fact housed entirely underground, perhaps due to the prevalent nuclear contamination.  At any rate, we have observed no human workers or machine operators anywhere on the premises, raising the question of whether the entire operation might be automated.


The nature of the production at Kaini Industries is, as already noted, not entirely clear, but the way in which our copters were disposed of might be indicative.  Our sensors indicated that the hull temperatures of the copters jumped by several hundred degrees before the signaling beams went dead.  This would indicate the use of some kind of very precisely applied inflammatory agent or agents, which may represent an important part of the research and production capacities at Kaini.  Our investigations continue.




Our AI was able to crack the Kaini public usenet systems for long enough to extract several images of what appears to be a small team of proprietary armoured vehicles (see images 0137, 0142, and 0146), painted white with Kaini markings in red and black.  They appear to be mounting light military-type equipment (rocket launchers, light and medium bore machine guns, and light magnetic cannons), as well as some more mysterious items (notably the large turret on the car marked ‘SMOKES’, image 0119,  which our weapons expert guessed might be a gas-projection device).  The armour on the vehicles has a texture and appearance that suggest high-density plastic containing embedded asbestos fibres.  We would advise our clients to use caution in approaching the Kaini complex, and if it is necessary to do so, to employ fireproof vehicles and equipment.


end report


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