Los Jinettes della Nocce

With the disruption of government and corporate control following The Collapse, many working class and industrial urban areas became a low priority for law enforcement and military organizations. The people living in these areas had quickly to develop their own means of, not only resisting the depredations of looters and raiders, but providing and securing the means of their day to day survival: food, water, clothing, power, etc. Where local grassroots and labour organizations pre-existed the collapse, these often became the preferred means of governance for surviving communities of the poor and the dispossessed. In the area of the Southern United States and Northern Mexico, a strong alliance formed between many of these communities, nominally led by members of old steel- and auto-workers syndicates: The Free States of America. The FSA supports many semi-independent gangs of bikers, truckers and road warriors, both for its own defense and for conducting raids on the local City-States and their property. One of those gangs is called Los Jinettes Della Nocce. The Jinettes are committed, highly organized, and well supplied with mid-quality low- to mid-tech equipment. They favour large numbers and teamwork.
El Presidente
Supercharged Hearse with Side-Mounted Variable Fire Rocket Pods
Nuclear Dan
Assault Mid-Size with Rockets and Minelayer
The Big Chill
Support Mid-Size with Turret-Mounted Heavy Machinegun
Cap’n Ahab
Assault Pickup with Rotary Magazine Heavy Rockets
Mack the Knife
Support Mid-Size with Ring-Mounted Vulcan Machinegun
Crazy Ivan
Ramming Mid-Size with High Torque Dual-Engine

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