The Fuzz

Following The Collapse, a vast range of mercenary companies competed for the role of protecting the resources still under the control of the remaining corporate infrastructure of the Southern United States. By the time that infrastructure had more or less settled into its current state, a network of loosely aligned foritified and gated City-States, one organization had emerged as the clear winner of this cut-throat Merc War: The Fuzz, an extremely disciplined, dedicated force made up mostly of ex-police officers with a clear mandate to maintain law and order at all costs, both within, and on the highways connecting, the City-States. The Fuzz are ruthless, highly skilled, and well supplied with good-quality mid- to hi-tech equipment. They favour massive firepower and low casualty risks. The most notorious Fuzz members are the Sanctioned Operatives, highly specialized combat drivers, often recruited from outside the Fuzz’s usual pool of cadets, given preferential treatment, huge salaries, and first choice of the best hi-tech equipment provided by the corporations of the Southern City-States.
The Pope
Sanctioned Operative driving Custom Interceptor Sedan
Johnny Law
Standard Issue Pursuit Mid Size with Recoilless Rifles
Light Pursuit Trike with Recoilless Rifles
Miss Demeanor
Off-Road Pickup with Turret-Mounted Vulcan Machinegun
Patty Wagon
Prisoner Transport Bus with AA-Mounted Heavy Machineguns

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